Wednesday, 3 December 2014


13. YEAR 2012 (Supplementary)
Attempt any FOUR questions. All questions carry equal marks. 
1. Trace Stephen Dedalus's progress as an artist. (A Portrait of An Artist as a Young Man)
2. How does Achebe present the Ibo social life, and the downfall of Okonkwo? (Things Fall Apart)
3. "My purpose in writing the novel was to depict a phase of our national life and the decay of a whole culture, a particular mode of thought and living" --- Ahmad Ali. Discuss this statement with reference to his novel, "Twilight in Delhi".
4. "Displaying masterful dexterity, Conrad makes us fully aware of the deep mystery of truth in his extraordinary explanation of human savagery and despair". Discuss. (Heart of Darkness: Joseph Conrad)
5. What are the major symbols in the HEART OF DARKNESS and what purpose do these serve? (Heart of Darkness: Conrad)
6. What is meant by stream of consciousness? How does Virginia Woolf use this surreal technique to depict the Ramsay family. (To the Lighthouse: Virginia Woolf)
7. "Achebe is a novelist who makes you laugh --- and then catch your breath in horror. Comment on the Art of Achebe as a novelist. 

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