Tuesday, 9 December 2014


11. YEAR 2011 (Supplementary)
Attempt any FOUR questions. All questions carry equal marks. 
1. The short story as a great genre is an effective medium to dramatize the issues of violence and conflict in the contemporary world. Discuss with reference to two stories included in your syllabus.
2. Discuss how any why Naipaul uses the diary and reporting technique in his short story The Night Watchman's Occurrence Book.
3. Discuss how Lessing in his short story A Sunrise on the Veld uses language to voice some of her thematic concerns.
4. Write a detailed critical comment The Voice by V.S. Pratchett.
5. To what purpose does Mahfooz use language and setting in the story The Mummy Awakes.
6. Write a detailed critical note on the narrative techniques in the story A Clean Well Lighted Place.
7. Discuss the symbolic significance of the title of the story The Man Who Lived in a Shell by Anton Chekhov. 

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