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33. Explain the following extracts with reference to the context. 
(i) You must tell me exactly what happened. I was going to complain to the chief-of-staff about the battery opening fire. 
(ii) Such a night. Thanks heavens I didn't know you were out in it. I would have had no sleep. I assure you. I would have been tormented by the vision of ---
(iii) Listen, where is the world's weak spot? Here. They know there's no leadership, no authority, no discipline in his town. So it's up to us. 
34. Explain the following extracts with reference to the context. 
(i) There was a sign. Crying: bad news. That's us. Those devils are up there watching. He's telling them we're onto him. 
(ii) Perhaps not. We're into the spring tides now. He'll be washed up where the coast turns in. (Points) You see? People are cruel and boring and obsessed. 
(iii) You'll be a dog. You collect for your Save the Animals Fund every year and you never go away till we've given twice as much as we can afford. Now you have the chance to earn some more gratitude from your little friends. 
35. Explain the following extracts with reference to the context. 
(i) Then create room. Don't you aspire to be an artist? Think of the miners who spend their lives crawling through darkness so that you may have light. That also, in its way, is the task of art. 
(ii) I believe the Universe lives. It teems with life. Men take themselves to be very strong and cunning. But who can kill space and time or dust? 
(iii) Oh no. You soon spot them behind this counter. You get a fair indication from the way they pay their bill. That shows if they respect our way of life, or they are just out to make trouble by running people into debt. 
36. 'The Sea' As a Social Comedy
37. Symbolism in 'The Sea' 
38. Theme of Individual and Society in 'The Sea' 
39. Character Sketch of Willy
40. Main Features of Modern Drama

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