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1. YEAR 2004
Attempt FOUR questions. All questions carry equal marks. Summaries and plot analysis of the prescribed texts are not allowed. 
1. What is the importance of Congo itself-country and climate in the novel: Heart of Darkness?
2. Heart of Darkness has been accused of being racist, anti African. Is this how you see it?
3. Discuss the use of epiphany in the development of the character of Stephen Dedalus in Joyce's the portrait of an artiste as a young man.
4. Discuss the importance of Stephen Dedalus's theory of aesthetics in the context of the novel The Portrait of an Artiste as a Young Man.
5. Is To the Lighthouse principally James Ramsay's story?
6. Does it seem to you a just criticism that in To the Lighthouse the usual concerns of a novel -- character and plot -- have been subordinated to symbols and ideas?
7. How would you respond to the criticism that Achebe's narrative in the novel Things Fall Apart is too simple to be truly tragic?
8. Okonokwo brings about his own downfall. Do you agree with this statement? Support with close reference to the novel Things Fall Apart.
9. 'When we finish the book Twilight in Delhi, the centre of the tragic sense is not only Delhi, but life itself'. Discuss.
10. Why do you think Ahmed Ali gave his novel this title Twilight in Delhi

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