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14. YEAR 2013
Attempt FOUR questions. All questions carry equal marks. 
1. Discuss Aristotle's concept of a tragic hero in the light of his book Poetics. 
2. Sidney's Apology for Poetry presents a brilliant analysis of the contemporary dramatic practice. Explain. 
3. "It is not the, the greatness the intensity of emotions, the components, but the intensity of the artistic process, the pressure, so to speak, under which the fusion takes place, that counts." Explain this statement in the light of Eliot's essay "Tradition and the Individual Talent". 
4. What are the limitations of Experience Realist critical approach to Literature?
5. What are Raymond Williams' views regarding culture and tragedy? Discuss in detail. 
6. Criticism is an effort "to see things as they are, without partiality, without obtrusion of personal liking of disliking." What is your opinion?
7. Critically examine any ONE of the following: 
(i) Full fathom five my father lies, 
Of his bones are coral made: 
Those were pearls that were his eyes;
Nothing of him that doth fade
But doth suffer a sea-change
Sea nymphs hourly ring his knell;
Burthen: Ding, Dong. 
Hark, now I hear them --- ding-dong bell. 
(ii) A poor bird freely roaming in the jungle
He might not have been affected by these hindrance
On whose decoration the nature is decorated
His world might be innocent".
(Sarala Bista)

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