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12. YEAR 2012
Attempt any FOUR questions. All questions carry equal marks. Summaries and plot analysis should be avoided. 
1. HEART OF DARKNESS is a "modern blend of comic absurdity, tragedy, and satire". Comment. (Heart of Darkness: J. Conrad)
2. What means does Conrad employ to develop the relationship between the title:"The Heart" and its theme?
3. What are the distinctive qualities of Virginia Woolf as a novelist? Do not confine your answer to "To the Lighthouse" only. (To the Lighthouse)
4. What is Stephen Dedalus's theory of aesthetics? What is its importance in the development of the novel? (Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man: J. Joyce)
5. Would you consider Achebe's method of narration too simple to be tragic? (Things Fall Apart: Chinua Achebe)
6. "Okonkwo brings about his own downfall". Discuss. (Things Fall Apart)
7. What major themes are treated in Ahmad Ali's novel, "Twilight in Delhi"? 

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