Sunday, 8 May 2016


Attempt any FOUR questions. All questions carry equal marks
1. Write a short essay on the salient features of the short story. Also explain how is it different from the novel?
2. In your mind, who is the most forceful character in N. Gardiner's "Once Upon a Time"? Elaborate.
3. Give a critical account of Hemingway's narrative technique in his short story "A Clean Well Lighted Place". 
4. Bring out the thematic and stylistic features of Poe's "The Man of the Crowd". 
5. Discuss the symbolic significance of the title of the story "Civil Peace" by Achebe. 
6. Write a detailed note on the characterization in the story "The Dead" by James Joyce. 
7. What is the importance of setting in "Strong Horse Tea" by Alice Walker? 

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