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10. YEAR 2011
Attempt FOUR questions in all. Question No. 1 is compulsory. All questions carry equal marks.
1. Explain with reference to the context any THREE of the following passages:
(i) Quite irreproachably, I assure you. In every respect. All the same --- I'm dreadfully frightened something may happen to him.
(ii) I suddenly felt sorry for Mama, I just put my hands on her face and held her, I just couldn't let her go. And afterwards she hugged me, and cried.
(iii) Perhaps I haven't got it right. He wants to mollify me, so that I'll give up the idea of parting with him. No, that's exactly it either.
(iv) Most samples are sent out to deliberately deceive customers. I have no doubt about it, you could add it to the Articles of Religion. Well it's a handsome material. I'll say that. It will look well at part House. I want a hundred and sixty-two yards in three lengths. I'll have it made up at Forebeach.
(v) Why does he make the earth the centre of the universe? So that the See of St. Peter can be the centre of the earth! That's it what it is all about.
2. How does Beckett prevent the audience from being bored by Waiting for Godot?
3. Ibsen's play exhibits a conflict in Hedda between the masculine and the feminine traits which ultimately brings about her destruction. How far do you agree?
4. The Sea in Bond's play 'is the symbol of our strength and resourcefulness, as well as a description of our lives as moral beings'. Discuss.
5. Discuss the main features of the Epic Theatre in the light of Brechet's play Galileo Galili.
6. Discuss the dramatic significance of the sub-plot of The Cherry Orchard.
7. Write a critical note on the following:
(i) The character of Willy in The Sea
(ii) The character of Lyubov in The Cherry Orchard 

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