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12. YEAR 2012
Attempt FOUR questions in all. Question No. 1 is compulsory. All questions carry equal marks.
1. Explain with reference to the context any THREE of the following passages:
(i) Was I asleep? While the others suffered? Or am I asleep at this time? When I wake up tomorrow, or think that I have woken up, what shall I say about today?
(ii) Oh my lovely innocent childhood! Sleeping here is the nursery, looking out into the orchard, --- every morning waking up to happiness. And it is --- the same as it was, nothing's changed.
(iii) Do you find it so incredible that a young girl, given the chance in secret, should want to be allowed a glimpse into a forbidden world of whose existence she is supported to be ignorant?
(iv) Listen, where is the world's weak spot? Here. They know there's no leadership, no authority, no discipline in his town. So it's up to us.
(v) If you have knowledge to sell, you can ask only as much as it earns the purchaser.
2. WAITING FOR GODOT exposes the eternal loneliness, bafflement and ennui suffered by man. Comment.
3. "HEDDA GABBLER's characters anticipates the modern, emancipated woman who invariably places herself in opposition to the traditional maternal role. Elaborate.
4. THE SEA questions the moral and social hypocritical attitudes that dominates our private and public behaviour without suggesting any alternatives. What is the use of such a play?
5. Is the CHERRY ORCHARD a blend of smiles and tears? Why?
6. Life of Galileo by Brecht puts the heroic and the sublime next to the comic and the mundane. Elaborate.
7. Write a critical note on the following.
(i) Tragedy -- from Sophocles to Edward Bond
(ii) Language as theme in twentieth century drama. 

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