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14. YEAR 2013
Attempt FOUR questions in all. Question No. 1 is compulsory. All questions carry equal marks.
1. Explain any THREE of the following with reference to the context.
(i) Recognize! What is there in which one should recognize? All my wretched life I have crawled in mud! And you think it proper to talk to me about scenery? Look at this heap of rubbish! I have never gone away from it. 
(ii) There is no turning back ... is it over ... finished and done worth long ago. Stop worrying. And stop deceiving yourself ... for once in your life look at the truth and face it. 
(iii) He'll be here. I can see him. With a crown if vine leaves in his hair. Burning and unashamed. 
(iv) I believe the Universe lives. It teems with life. Men take themselves to be very strong and cunning. But who can kill space and time or dust? 
(v) I like to think it all started with ships. From times immemorial ships had hugged the shores, but suddenly they abandoned the shores and sailed out the oceans. 
2. Bring out the significance of the title of WAITING FOR GODOT. 
3. Can Hedda be regarded as the precursors of the 20th century emancipated woman? Give your arguments. 
4. Edward Bond's THE SEA is overshadowed by Marxist concern. Do you agree? 
5. In THE CHERRY ORCHARD, we watch the dreams of childhood dying and ambitions of middle age stirring into action. Comment. 
6. Can Life of Galileo be read as anti-religions play? 
7. Discuss Ibsen's contribution to the development of modern drama. 

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