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3. YEAR 2006
Attempt FOUR questions. All questions carry equal marks. 
1. We are living in a period of an enormous variety of tensions, individual, collective and cultural and many are being released in the new genre, the short story. Define the short story in the light of the comment.
2. It is the short stories that, the new writers like Sara Suleri and Hanif Qureshi will give us the true particular essence of the art of Fiction. Elaborate the statement.
3. Give a critical commentary on Hemingway's, 'A Clean Well Lighted Place'.
4. In D.H. Lawrence's work men and women of our times have found their own restlessness most accurately mirrored. Comment.
5. The success of H.E. Bates' short stories is due on the whole to concord between the setting and the mood he tries to evoke, and the more the sentiments are revealed the more true they ring. Apply this comment to his story, 'The Woman Who had Imagination'.
6. Compare and contrast 'The Voice' by Pratchett and 'The Voice from the Well' by Amy Tan.
7. Bring out the characteristic features of South Africa reflected in the short stories by Nadine Gardiner. 

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