Tuesday, 9 December 2014


12. YEAR 2012
Attempt any FOUR questions. All questions carry equal marks. 
1. How effectively has human relationship been explored in any two short stories from the syllabus you have read.
2. What is the symbolic significance of Lahore in the story The Property of Woman by Sara Suleri.
3. Trace evidence of Naipaul's craftsmanship as a short story writer in the story The Night Watchman's Occurrence Book.
4. Kafka famously wrote "The Judgment" in the one night in a burst of inspiration, making only minor revisions for the published version. Comment.
5. What is the theme of Once Upon a Time by Nadine Gordimer?
6. Discuss Mahfooz's short story The Mummy Awakes as a political satire.
7. Discuss to what extent Hanif Qureshi is able to surprise readers with no immediate closures and no reassurance of any possible resolution in his short story My Son the Fanatic. 

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